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A gentle yet deeply relaxing holistic massage that includes the use of high quality essential oils blended in a carrier oil, individually prescribed and created to induce healing, peace and well-being.   Essential oils are obtained from aromatic plants i.e. flowers, fruits, leaves etc. and have been used for thousands of years for their healing and beauty properties.   

Aromatherapy massage is soothing, calming but can also be uplifting and re-energising. Acupressure is also included to release tension and treatments can include a relaxing facial massage if desired.    

30 mins - £30      60 mins - £50      75 mins - £75


Holistic / Swedish Massage

A therapeutic body massage with oil that works holistically on all the systems of the body - physically and mentally to promote deep healing, vitality and relaxation.  Based on the principles of Swedish Massage, it is traditionally more vigorous with varying degrees of pressure working on the tissues of the body including the skin, muscles and circulatory system to provide general good health and well-being. 

30 mins - £30      60 mins - £50      75 mins - £65

Indian Head Massage

A seated upper body massage of Indian origin that includes massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face.  It is excellent for reducing stress & easing tension headaches and is ideal for those on the go as clients remain fully clothed, though light clothing on the upper body is preferable.  The use of oils in the hair is a traditional part of treatment but is also optional. 

30 mins - £30 without oil / £35 with oil

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A light, soothing massage which is extremely effective in stimulating and draining the lymphatic system - the second circulatory system which enables the circulatory (blood) and immune systems to work efficiently.  

Moving excess lymph, clearing lymph nodes and congestion helps cleanse the body of toxins / waste and boosts the immune system, helping prevent disease & illness.  It also helps rejuvenate collagen, slows the ageing process, increases skin vitality and aids weight loss.  Due to the stimulating yet light pumping pressure action it is deeply relaxing, soothing and calming to the body and mind. 

A special addition to this treatment is the inclusion of essential oils in the massage. These help to reduce oedema, reduce scarring, increase toxin release, ease pain and promote faster healing on all levels including deeper relaxation. 

60 min (part treatment) - £50-£60     

75 min (full treatment) - £75-£90

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage can either be for the whole body or for specific areas using specialist massage movements combined with additional intensive techniques to release & relax muscles with the unique addition of essential oils to aid muscle / tendon relaxation, pain relief and general well-being.

Sports massage is effective for specific injuries or problem areas but equally useful for maintaining good body condition and preventing problems or injuries.  Remedial massage is useful for those who lead an active lifestyle and / or get involved in sporting activities to help maintain peak performance. Treatment includes trigger point release, postural assessment and stretching if desired.  

30 mins - £30       60 mins - £50     

NB. All first sessions include an initial consultation at no extra charge.  Clients are recommended to drink plenty of water after a therapy session to cleanse their system of toxins.







"Healing requires from us to stop struggling, but to enjoy life more and endure it less" -- Darina Stoyanova

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