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Spiritual Healing

A simple, supportive and natural therapy that seeks to bring balance and transformation to mind, body and emotions on a deep level through working on the main energy centres (chakras) and joints of the body.  The basis of the therapy is that the healer enables healing energy to flow to the client treating the root cause of conditions.

Disease is thought to be an imbalance in the life force / energy field and healing seeks to restore balance by going to where it is most needed in the system. Therapy is gentle and non-evasive with clients remaining fully clothed.   

Clients have stated many effects after treatment including feeling peaceful, relaxed, less stressed, less pain and generally increased positivity. 


A Japanese system of Spiritual Healing evolved from ancient teachings that utilises the Healer as a channel for Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki).  Hands are placed over  various points of the body - joints and energy centres from head to toe to move energy along the energy pathways (used in acupuncture) to help restore flow, remove blockages and encourage over all good health and well-being.  Reiki helps to encourage positive energy in areas where negative energy has affected the energy field providing deep healing.

The treatment and effects are very similar to that of spiritual healing, though hand positions are slightly different.  Reiki also utilises energy symbols that are used within treatments - another variation of the use of healing energy to balance the system and restore harmony


Chakra Balancing / Negative Energy Clearing

A system of healing that uses a crystal pendulum to restore and rebalance energy to the energy centres or chakras.  Chakras are found in the body from the top of the head through to the base of the spine and each is associated with different areas of physical and emotional health.    Misalignment, blockages and unbalanced flow caused by such things as stress, illness or environment can cause many health problems and disturbances and leave us with the general feeling of being 'out of sorts'. 

Energy is directed to the chakras to help them restore their natural flow, removing blockages and promoting realignment.  Clients remain fully clothed, lay on a couch or sit in a chair and are helped to relax in a peaceful, safe, healing environment as the treatment takes place.  Clients are also helped to release any emotions, tensions or pain as the treatment takes place - usually feeling a sense of relief, peace and increased vitality by the end of the session.  Chakra Balancing & negative energy clearance helps to release problems and also maintain good health and prevent problems as can all forms of Energy Healing.   


Crystal Healing

A therapy that uses the healing properties of crystals and precious stones to harmonise and support the energy field and systems of the body, mind and emotions.  Crystals have been used throughout the years due to their healing properties - each having a different vibration and therefore working in different ways i.e. to calm, energise, ground, cleanse or uplift. 

Used with general healing they help focus the healing energy to specific areas of the body and so can be used for specific imbalances or ailments as well as general well-being. 

Crystals appropriate to the presenting problem of the client are placed around the client and / or on the body particularly focusing on the energy centres or chakras.  It is particularly beneficial for clients to lay on a couch to allow the energy to flow unrestricted and aid deep relaxation whilst healing takes place. 


Effects - vary with all energy healing therapies - clients may feel tingling, warmth, a deep feeling of peace and relaxation, cold, highly energised, sensations with the problem area as it releases or even feel nothing at all.  Changes and healing will still be happening but may be on a subtle level as opposed to a dramatic shift.  It is vital that after treatment clients allow themselves time to take it easy and drink plenty of fresh water to aid any energetic release. 

A combination of the above for a tailor made treatment can be provided.  Treatments can be face to face or remote (distant healing) with treatment effects the same, as healing energy knows no limits or distance!

60 mins - £40 - £50  


"The use of love is to heal.  When it flows without effort from the depth of the self, love creates health" -- Deepak Chopra.

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